The difference between inverter and non inverter is the inverter units can alter thier speed in response to cooling demand.Some units have over-speed period where they will run at a slightly higher capacity for a set time to pull down the temperature of a hot room.When they reach the set point temperature they can reduce capacity to maintain that level without cycling as much as a normal unit would.This save power although it's arbitrary as it would still take a while to recoup the increased purchase costs.

The inverter unit increase the power usage slightly as it converts the incoming power into a suitable style for the air conditioner although the ability to run at a reduced power level helps to drop the overall usage to below that of a typical non-inverter unit.Most of the advertising claiming 30% lower bills using inverters are based on very carefully set up laboratory scenarios.In reality ,while they may cost less to run than a conventional unit will still be cost effective.


At least 30% -50% cheaper to run as it consumes less power.

Far quicker to achieve desired temperature.

The start up time is reduced by 30%.

Much quieter.

No temperature fluctuations,maximising comfort level.

No voltage peaks from compressor.


The amount of cooling or heating required by an air conditioning unit varies depending on the outdoor temperature and the amount of heat in a room.

When the cooling or heating capacity needs to be increased, The compressor will operate at a  high speed and will increase the amount of refrigerant flow.

Conversely,during moderate outside temperatures for example ,when the cooling and heating capacity needs to be decreased,the compressor will operate at a low speed and will decrease the amount of refrigerant flow.

When the inverter air conditioning is switched on,the compressor operates at high speed in order to cool or heat the room quickly.

As the room temperature approaches the set temperature, the compressor slows down,maintaining a constant temperature and saving energy.

Any sudden fluctuation in the room temperature ,will be sensed and instantly adjusted to bring the room temperature back to the set temperature.